#CHICKCRUSH: Vera Bradley + Venus Collection

#CHICKCRUSH: Vera Bradley + Venus Collection

by July 9, 2019

This summer, it will be easier than ever to reignite a consistent shaving routine with the Vera Bradley + Venus collection sold exclusively at Target.

Consisting of all of the products Venus-devotees know and love, the line will feature an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Vera Bradley design at the same price point as Venus’s evergreen offerings. Designer metal handles offer enhanced control and a lasting shower upgrade, while disposable razor designs add a bit of flair while on-the-go. 

Colorful refill options and a collaboration-exclusive shave gel scent, Blushed Bloom ensure that beauty lovers have the opportunity to feel refreshed on even the muggiest days of summer. As the perfect example of fashion meeting function, the collection will elevate the shaving experience to one that both looks and feels beautiful.

Check it out at your local Target TODAY!