#BF5: “Break For Five” with Rachelle Ferrell

#BF5: “Break For Five” with Rachelle Ferrell

by March 19, 2015

Soulful. Bold. One of the most prolific lyricist of our time, Rachelle Ferrell. If you’re ears have not been blessed by this songstress, you have done yourself a disservice. Having interviewed several celebrities, the starstruck factor generally does not play a role when sitting down for an interview at this point in my career. However, when that person in one bellowing melody has brought me to tears, the word “musical girl crush gush” describes my attitude as I “Break for Five” with Rachelle Ferrell:

Single Black Chick: We are excited to have you back in Detroit, is this one of your favorite places to perform? If so, why?

Rachelle Ferrell: Yes it is! It is one of my most favorite places to play because of the musical acumen of my audience. They have such a high musical IQ that I am free to express myself in the moment of the music without going over anyone’s head. They just understand. That coupled with their genuine love and quality of attention fosters a very deep bond in the spirit and in the physical. We go someplace together to create the music together. The connection is unlike anything else, anywhere else.

SBC: You are a gifted individual that resonates a high level of spirituality, how do you balance your spirituality in the midst of the music industry?

RF: Wow, this is a good question. It’s a no brainer within the context of the music but within the context of the industry it becomes quite a challenge. After years of separating, compartmentalized, suffering through the pain of contradiction and conflict that inevitably rendered me confused, disappointed, disillusioned and unable to easily access fluently the clear emotion used to fuel the gift I decided to create a separate space-time-reality for it. My art exists in its own reality and I endeavor to interact and engage in the industry with the same principles that support my artistry, hoping to share the same gift in another way.

SBC: What inspires you and your music?

RF: Absolutely anything and everything.

SBC: You seem to really enjoy performing, what do you gain from performing and connecting with the audience on stage?

RF: Experiential evidence and proof that we are in fact, connected at core. All from the same family. And when we resonate at the frequency of Love the music moves, heals, motivates and inspires us, transports and transforms us, reminding us of our core innate beauty and connection to the Divine. As above so below.

SBC: Is there a new music project upcoming for you? If so, when can we expect it to be released?

RF: I am working on a new project called, The Art & Soul of Rachelle Ferrell. I am hoping to complete it this year. I started in February of 2010 and it has proven to be a serious challenge to complete given all the additional responsibilities, administrative and otherwise that have been added to my life since the release of Individuality. Those early years were sweet because I had nothing to do but make music. As I have matured that has changed significantly. I am grown now with grown folks’ stuff on my plate. The flip side of that is all of that ‘stuff’ has come out in the music and it has made for the best music I’ve ever recorded to date. I can’t wait to share it.

“Break for Five” is a brief one-on-one conversation with entertainers and artist consisting of five questions, but we included a sixth question, just because it shows the geninue and comedic side of Rachelle Ferrell

SBC: What’s next for Rachelle Ferrell?

RF: I’ve just ordered room service and they’ve just delivered it so I’m about to eat.

Got to love her!!

Rachelle Ferrell performs live in Detroit, Thursday night, March 19th at the Motor City Soundboard. CLICK HERE for ticket information.