Wendy Raquel Robinson Talks Detroit, “The Game” and “Things Your Man Won’t Do”

Wendy Raquel Robinson Talks Detroit, “The Game” and “Things Your Man Won’t Do”

by February 25, 2015
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JE’CARYOUS JOHNSON’S “THINGS YOUR MAN WON’T DO,” is the most recent production penned from the hands of critically acclaimed, Award-winning writer, producer and director Je’Caryous Johnson

In JE’CARYOUS JOHNSON’S “THINGS YOUR MAN WON’T DO,” audiences meet Rachel Braxton, who most men would view as the perfect woman. Rachel prayed and prayed after a very tumultuous relationship for the perfect man and God sent her Demetrius McAlister. But, years later, through all the dates and after finally deciding to move in together, Demetrius still won’t commit, at least to marriage that is.


“THINGS YOUR MAN WON’T DO,” features an all-star cast, Actresses Wendy Raquel Robinson (BET’s hit show, “The Game”) Tichina Arnold (“Martin”) Leon (“The Temptations”) and Brian White (“I Can Do Bad All By Myself”)

In a one-on-one Wendy Raquel Robinson talks Detroit, her character Katrina and her hit T.V. show “The Game”

Single Black Chick: We’re excited to have you and this production in Detroit, is this your first time visiting the city?

Wendy Raquel Robinson: It’s not my first time, but it has been a while. I haven’t been to Detroit in 5 years, so I am as excited to be here as you are to have me.

SBC: You are a timeless beauty, what’s your secret and/or tips to aging gracefully?

WR: I have to admit; I don’t put that much into aging. I’ve been blessed with great genes from my mom, but I do drink water and more water to assist my skin. I do believe youthfulness is a spirit; I work with a lot of younger people, so I think it’s contagious and comes through.

SBC: Tell us about your character Katrina, from the upcoming production,“Things Your Man Won’t Do”?

WR: Well Ms. Katrina, is a little bit of hypochondriac and a hormonal beast, because she is in her first trimester of pregnancy. Katrina is also best friend to Tichina Arnold’s character and plays a sudo-psychologist in a very persuasive and funny way. Ultimately she [Katrina] is just trying to hold on to her man and her relationship the best she can. Katrina represents a role a lot of women play, by putting on a strong face while trying to keep her life and relationship in tact. At the end the end of the day, she doesn’t want her or her child to be statistic and she does whatever she can to achieve that goal.

SBC: How do you feel about filming the last season of “The Game”?

WR: I feel so triumphant and so blessed to be apart of such an iconic show that broke so many records and set a trend to show advertisers and networks that there is a strong audience for black entertainment. I think we assisted in opening up that fact, which helped for shows like Scandal and Empire to be taken seriously. I had no idea that it [The Game] would be as huge as it was when we did it. I feel like it’s been such a movement and I am proud to have been apart of it.

SBC: What’s next for Wendy Raquel Robinson?

WR: I am being very, very selective of what I want to do next. I am getting Tasha out of my system and getting back to Wendy. I am also focusing on the passion project that I co-founded, The Amazing Grace Conservatory, it’s a theatrical training institute for youth and young adults ages 5-18. I’ve been apart of it for 18 years; it’s the one thing that has sustained my passion. When your passion and your purpose meet there is nothing you can’t do. I am also producing and directing along with getting back to writing. As I said, I am being selective and enjoying my passions and being patient to see what road God takes me down.

JE’CARYOUS JOHNSON’S “THINGS YOUR MAN WON’T DO” kicks off on February 27th -28th in Detroit at the Detroit Opera House, 1526 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226.

For more information on JE’CARYOUS JOHNSON’S “THINGS YOUR MAN WON’T DO,” log onto www.jecaryous.com or to purchase tickets CLICK HERE

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