Finesse Mitchell Talks Comedy and The Top 3 Qualties To Look For in Dating

Finesse Mitchell Talks Comedy and The Top 3 Qualties To Look For in Dating

by January 12, 2015
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Although I have been deemed the Single Black Chick and embraced the title, responsibilities and all that comes with it, even I need some advice. Being a single woman in the trenches, giving advice and living this single life, it’s good to get a male perspective on dating. So it was refreshing to get to have a one-on-one with Finesse Mitchell actor, comedian, author and host of Centric’s “According to Him & Her”. As the saying goes, sometimes the preacher needs preaching to as well.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation:

Single Black Chick: Being a comedian it’s your job to observe the human race and relate its plight in comedy. That being said, do you think comedians make the better life coach? Has it helped you with your perspective on giving advice on relationships?

Finesse Mitchell: I think it all boils down to the specific comedian.  As you may know, some people choosing comedy as a profession aren’t the sanest people in the world.

SBC: So with that being said, you may not want comedians giving you serious “life” advice.  But a lot of us (myself included) do have an honest, refreshing perspective on life and relationships that can help mere mortals with normal problems.  We’re like Superheroes that often can’t help ourselves, but can help everyone else with great advice, and leave you laughing… even if the truth hurts.

FM: How much of your personal experience and growth in relationships is apart of the viewpoints on love you give in your books and hosting on “According to Him & Her”?

A lot of my personal life goes into advice I give to others.  Experience is the best knowledge and getting people to listen to their gut instinct and not repeat past mistakes I find are people’s biggest hurdle to jump when deciding to fall in love with someone.  I often advise people to take the advice you would give to loved ones, for yourself.  Unfortunately for most of us, when it comes to falling in love, our heart and brain are never on the same page.

SBC: What are the top three qualities a single black chick should look for when looking for a man to settle down with?

FM: To settle down with? I would say:

1) Honesty

2) Consistency

3) A JOB!

SBC: Do you plan on becoming the next ‘Steve Harvey’ with relationship coaching?

FM: Who knows? But anyone in my profession would love to have his success.


SBC: What’s the next moves coming in your comedic career?

FM: Definitely more acting, I currently play China’s Dad, “Officer Darryl Parks” on The Disney Channel’s hit show A.N.T. Farm.  My 2015 is already off to a great start.  I’ve signed on to do a pilot for Showtime called, Roadies, produced my J.J. Abrams and directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous). In addition to that, I have also signed on to do a pilot called ‘Brothers In Atlanta’ for HBO.  Its produced by my old SNL boss Lorne Michaels and directed by Tim Story (Ride Along & Think Like A Man).

I’m also focusing more on stand-up comedy and touring in 2015 as well.  If you hear about Finesse Mitchell coming to your city… get your tickets and come check me out.  You won’t be disappointed.  My Momma said, “I’m one of the best doing it!”  I agree.  Find out more about me on social media @finessemitchell and www.finessemitchell.com.

Finesse will be in Detroit along with BruceBruce on Thursday, January 15th at Motorcity Casino’s SoundBoard. For ticket information CLICK HERE.

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